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Conference on Cultural Policy will be held in Helsinki.

Welcome to the 8th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research in Helsinki

The 8th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research (NCCPR 2017) will be organized in Helsinki on August 23-25 2017 by the Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (CUPORE), and the Unit for Cultural Policy at the University of Jyväskylä (JYU).

The theme for the NCCPR in 2017 will be Migration, Culture, and Nation. It is the ambition of the organizing committee to facilitate discussions on the roles of cultural policy in a time when trends such as globalization, increasing migration, and changes in media and communication influence society and politics in new ways, creating new roles for arts and heritage.

The NCCPR 2017 welcomes proposals from all academic disciplines, concerning any problem or topic within the area of cultural policy research, provided that the proposal makes an original contribution to research on cultural policy in the Nordic countries. The conference provides spaces for parallel sessions with academic papers, and other types of presentations in Scandinavian languages and English. Plenary sessions will be held in English.

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