Contacts and organization of NCCPR 2017

The Nordic Conference of Cultural Policy Research has circulated biannually among the four larger Nordic countries since 2003, when the first of these conferences was held in Århus, Denmark. Its scientific quality is guaranteed by a scientific committee composed of cultural policy researchers from all of the Nordic countries. In line with its focus on facilitating communication among cultural policy researchers in the Nordic countries, the working languages of the conference are English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

The 8th NCCPR is organized by the Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (CUPORE), and the Unit of Cultural Policy at the University of Jyväskylä (JyU), in cooperation with the Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy, the Society for Cultural Policy Research in Finland, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, the Center for Nordic Studies CENS (University of Helsinki), Finnish National Gallery (Ateneum), the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and Nordic Culture Point.

The theme for the 8th NCCPR is Nation, Migration and Culture. It is the ambition of the organizing committee that the conference should facilitate discussions on the roles of cultural policy in a time when trends such as globalization, increasing migration and increasing change in media and communication influence society and politics in new ways and creating new roles for arts and heritage. It is also our ambition to increase the participation of the arts sector and of civil society in these discussions, as well as to provide good opportunities for the participation of Finnish researchers in the Nordic and international cultural policy research field.

The Scientific Committee of the NCCPR:

Trine Bille, Denmark
Louise Ejgod Hansen, Denmark
Tobias Harding, Finland (chair)
Magdalena Hillström, Sweden
Linnéa Lindsköld, Sweden
Marjo Mäenpää, Finland
Sigrid Røyseng, Norway (editor of the Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy)
Njörður Sigurjónsson, Iceland
Heidi Stavrum, Norway
Geir Vestheim, Norway

The Local Organizing Committee of the NCCPR 2017

Marjo Mäenpää, CUPORE
Miikka Pyykkönen, University of Jyväskylä
Tobias Harding, University of Jyväskylä - tobias.a.harding@jyu.fi , +358 40 481 8790
Maria Hirvi-Ijas, CUPORE
Sakarias Sokka, CUPORE