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%%% FP2001.tex 05.10.2000 - Vesa Kolhinen <vesa.kolhinen@phys.jyu.fi>
%%% Original version:
%%% FP2000.tex 12.10.1999 - Eero Noponen <eero.noponen@hut.fi>
%%% Sample LaTeX file for the abstracts for the Proceedings of the
%%% Annual Meeting of the Finnish Physical Society.


%%% Remove the following line if Times font is unavailable.

%%% The following line is required if the document contains figures.

%%% The following line is for LaTeX 2.09.


%%% The title of the abstract is given here as \title{TITLE TEXT}.

%%% The list of authors; underline the name of the author who is responsible
%%% for the presentation of the paper.
\underline{A. Physicist} and B. Physicist

%%% The address.
University of Something, Country\\
email: physicist@university.fi

%%% Do not remove.

%%% Body text begins here.

All accepted abstracts \emph{will be published on the conference webpage.} The language of the abstracts is English.

Abstracts must be submitted to the organizers electronically by email. Files can be prepared with \LaTeX\ or with Word in doc format. Submitted files will be published as they are. To
maintain a coherent layout, all authors have to write the abstracts
using this sample file as a template. The sample file is designed to
produce correctly formatted abstracts on an A4 page with line spacing
1 and 3 cm wide margins. The font should be Times (New) Roman 12.
Please note that only PDF format is accepted in the submission. Those
who use \LaTeX\ are advised to prepare the final pdf file with the command
\mbox{pdflatex file.tex}.  In the output, check that the possible web links are clickable and lead to the correct address.

The title has to be written in bold capitals. Title, authors, and
address information have to be separated from each other by an empty
line. The name of the author who will give the presentation has to be
underlined. The email address of this author can be given on a
separate line below the address information.

The text has to be justified. Formulas have to be centered and, if
numbering is necessary, the number has to be placed on the right in
parentheses. References are cited in the text like this \cite{ref1}.
The reference list should use the format shown below. You can add web
links using the example below --- if possible, please do this for each

%%% The following minipage structures are needed to position the figure
%%% beside the text paragraph.
%%% For a standard figure environment, see the example below.

Figures may be included in the submitted files. Here we show how a figure can be included in a \LaTeX\ file.

%%% A more typical Figure.

%%% The bibliography: the references are listed here.

A. Physicist and B. Physicist,
\href{http://link.aps.org/abstract/PR/v108/p1175}{Journal {\bf 108},
1175 (1957)}.