NIC 2017 Preliminary programme - Saturday 25 Nov

Please note that the preliminary programme is subject to changes!

Saturday 25 November


Session VI, track I

Intercultural capabilities for global futures (Jensen)

Assessment in a multicultural classroom: The journey from ‘do it our way’ to the informed dialogue method (Ruppert)

Building a happy community: Challenges in international students’ wellbeing at a Finnish higher education (Kokkonen)

Gender on the move: Transnational student mobility and identity of Russian women (Khlusova)

Session VI

Blaming the state: Negotiating Latvian and Bulgarian economic emigrants’ identity in public broadcasting (Locmele & Sotirova)

Perception of tradition: Yezidis in Germany and Tibetan Buddhist converts in Finland (Omarkhali & Sharapan)

Is multi-culturality socially sustainable? (Allwood)



Keynote: Listening cultural narratives (George Simons)

Closing words



Conference finishes, thank you for attending!