NIC 2017 Preliminary programme - Thursday 23 Nov

 Please note that the preliminary programme is subject to changes!

Thursday 23.11.


Welcome and registration, morning coffee


Keynote: Nexus analysis applied: Dynamics of discourse, identity and power under new circumstances (Sari Pietikäinen)




Session I, track I

Ísland, best í heimi (Iceland…) (Burke)

Coping with cultural ambiguity: … (Gillaerts)

“There are others who are more patriotic than I am”. Constructions of cultural identities… (Rellstab)

History teaching and identity faced with global migration (Rosnes)

Session I, track II

The border between us: CSR and gender discourses… (Ivanova-Gongne, Torkkeli & Uzhegova)

Television - modern matchmaker: Representations of Turkish Family and… (Ozkocak)

Pop-cultural exchange between Finland and Japan: Focusing on a feeling of … (Hata)

Reframing others in colors of mastery (Ekelund & Pluta)

Session I, track III

Intercultural communication training to support internationalization… (Vaccarino)

Supporting intergroup interaction of students in intercultural contexts (Hass, Wäächter & Ono)

Safe spaces in language courses for international academics (Johansen, Jonsmoen & Greek)




Session II, track I

What’s in a name? Teasing apart intercultural competence terminology for improved research and application (Crawford)

The role of identity markers for communication process (Babets)

Session II, track II

Multicultural education as social and psycho-pedagogical phenomenon (Belogurov)

Presentation of new textbook: Human encounters. Introduction to intercultural communication (Dahl)

Cultural border crossers: Inclusion, language, and literacy (Temple)

Ethics & responsibility at university: A multicultural perspective (Niemi & Ceesay)

Session II, track III

Cross-cultural adaptation of international students in China: A brief scale for measuring communication patterns and intercultural transformation (Peng)

Intercultural survey on perceived voice likability (Altrov, Pajupuu & Pajupuu)

How to become a global citizen? A presentation of the Mittweida certificate of intercultural competence (Kusche)

Building intercultural bridges through Patachitra (Chakraborty)


Conference dinner at the Vanha Asemaravintola