The symposium is organized in cooperation by three research projects: EUROHERIT (ERC Starting Grant), Arts of Belonging (Kone Foundation) and Intersecting Mobilities (Kone Foundation). All research projects are based at the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä

Organization committee and contact information

  • Johanna Turunen (general inquiries),
  • Kaisa Ahvenjärvi (general inquiries),
  • Sigrid Kaasik-Krogerus (doctoral training workshop),
  • Nina Sääskilahti,
  • Tuija Saresma,

EUROHERIT — Legitimation of European cultural heritage and the dynamics of identity politics in the EU


ERC Starting grant 2015-2020

Project leader: Tuuli Lähdesmäki

The project investigates the EU as a new heritage agent and its heritage politics as an attempt to create a new heritage regime in Europe. By conducting a broad comparative study and applying multi-method inquiry, the project participates in a critical discussion on the current identity and integration politics and policies in the EU and Europe.

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Arts of Belonging — Cultural, material and affective aspects of homingArtsofbelonging.JPG

Kone Foundation 2014-2017

Project leader: Tuija Saresma

Significant places have traditionally been captured in images and texts that encapsulate affective relations to them. Modern experience denies rigid categories such as nationality. Yet, people desire to belong. The concept of belonging is used in studying the temporary, shifting nature of attachments and the acts through which people seek to attach to places. The focus of the interdisciplinary project is on materiality: in exploration of the concrete aspects of and the analysis of the artefacts used in the affective processes of belonging.

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Intersecting Mobilities — Narratives of Migration and Belonging: Biographic, Ethnographic and Intersectional Analyses of the experiences and representations of being on the move and attachingCapture.JPG

Kone Foundation 

Project leader: Tuija Saresma

The research project focuses on the autobiographies of migrants, their daily practices, and their representations in the media. Besides migrants, also the experiences and narratives of those who stay are in the focus. The main question is, how and why the narratives of mobility and belonging vary both temporarily and spatially

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