Ann-Catrin Östman

Ann-Catrin Östman is a senior lecturer in Nordic history at Åbo Akademi University. She has published several studies of gender, class and ethnicity in rural communities. She has co-edited  Näkymätön sukupuoli - Mieheyden pitkä historia (Vastapaino 2014, “The Invisible Gender – A long history of Masculinity”) and Mannen i samhället (Historisk tidskrift 2012) and contributed to a study on men and masculinities in Norden (Män i Norden 2006). Moreover, she has been part of the project “Gender and work” (Uppsala University) and “Male Citizenship and Social reforms in Finland, 1918–1960” (Academy of Finland). Her current research project concerns itinerant peddlers, minority poistions and cultural encounters in Finland 1800–1940.