Abstract Submission

Abstract submission has ended. The abstract book is available in pdf format.

Abstracts are submitted using online Abstract submission system. The deadline for the abstract submission is 21 February 2017.

Start the submission process by requesting an abstract ID in the Abstract submission system. The abstract ID and password can be used to login to the system to submit your abstract details. Notice that you can login and modify your abstract as many times as you wish until you submit the abstract for review. After the submission, the abstract is locked for modifications (except contact person details). Remember to submit your abstract before the abstract submission deadline.

Information collected on the submission form:

  • Contact person information
  • Author information
  • Preferred presentation type (Oral or Poster)
  • Abstract title
  • Abstract text (max 300 words)
  • Keywords (1-4)

The system generates abstract PDF using the information filled in the form. Generated PDF file can be previewed to check that all special characters are presented correctly before submitting the abstract for review. If you have any issues, please contact .

Go to Abstract submission system to submit your abstract.