Virology Days 2017 Program

Tuesday 14.3

TimeSession (all sessions in Rantasipi auditorium unless mentioned otherwise)
10.00–11:50 Registration, exhibition and lunch (Restaurant Salitintti)
11:50–12:00 Welcome
Varpu Marjomäki and Maija Vihinen-Ranta, University of Jyväskylä
12:00–13:50 Session I: Molecular virology I
Chairs: Maija Vihinen-Ranta and Elina Mäntylä, University of Jyväskylä
Mechanisms of virus uncoating
Ari Helenius, Institute of Biochemistry, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Intra-host evolution of Zika virus during pregnancy
Teemu Smura, University of Helsinki
Zika virus nonstructural protein 5 efficiently interferes with the activation of the RIG-I signaling pathway
Rickard Lundberg, Institute of Biomedicine/Virology, University of Turku
Extinct type of human parvovirus B19 persists in tonsillar B cells
Mari Toppinen, University of Helsinki
Differential receptor use of coxsackievirus A9 and human parechovirus 1 – two picornaviruses possessing RGD-motif
Pirjo Merilahti, University of Turku
13:50–14:30 Coffee break and exhibition (Rantasipi hall and poster room)
14:30–16:00 Session II: Systems virology
Host-directed approaches to viral pathogenesis and drug targeting
Chairs: Varpu Marjomäki and Paula Turkki, University of Jyväskylä
Viruses and type 1 diabetes - next steps towards prevention trials
Heikki Hyöty
Ability of Type 1 Diabetes associated enteroviruses to cause chronic infection in pancreatic cells and use of antiviral drugs to eradicate such infection
Anni Honkimaa, University of Tampere
High throughput screening in search for novel regulators and antivirals of enterovirus infection
Mira Myllynen, University of Jyväskylä
Topical treatment of herpes simplex virus infection with an enzymatically created Dicersubstrate siRNA swarm in a keratitis model
Henrik Paavilainen, University of Turku
Disruption of methionine cycle- a potential strategy undertaken by potyviral HCPro to suppress anti-viral RNA silencing in the host during single and mixed infection scenario
Swarnalok De, University of Helsinki
16:00–17:00 Session III: Molecular virology II
Chair: Kalle Saksela, University of Helsinki
Analysis of potential immunological cross-reactivity with hypocretin receptors and influenza A virus nucleoprotein in Pandemrix vaccine-related narcolepsy
Ilkka Julkunen, University of Turku
Modifications of JC and BK polyomavirus noncoding control regions in the pathogenesis of severe chronic diseases
Hanna Seppälä, University of Helsinki and HUSLAB
Young virologist of 2017 lecture
17:00–19:30 Outdoor activities, spa, bowling (18-19) (Laajavuori winter resort, hotel spa and bowling alley)
19:30–20:00 Exhibition, posters and cocktails (Rantasipi hall and poster room)
20:00– Dinner (Restaurant Salitintti)


Wednesday 15.3

TimeSession (all sessions in Rantasipi auditorium unless mentioned otherwise)
9:00–10:00 Session IV: Diagnostics
Chairs: Ilkka Julkunen and Matti Waris, University of Turku
Rapid testing for high-risk HPV in cervical and tonsillar paraffin-embedded tissue using a cartridge-based assay
Elina Virtanen, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital
New mariPOC influenza A virus test with significantly improved sensitivity
Petri Antikainen, ArcDia International Ltd

Development and characterization of pan-parechovirus antibodies with diagnostic potential
Petri Susi, University of Turku

Reptarenavirus co-infection in snakes with boid inclusion body disease (BIBD) and vertical transmission
Jussi Hepojoki, University of Helsinki, University of Zurich, Switzerland
10:00–10:30 Coffee break and exhibition (Rantasipi hall and poster room)
10:30–12:00 Session V: Archeovirology
Chair: Klaus Hedman and Elina Väisänen, University of Helsinki
Klaus Hedman, University of Helsinki
Ancient origins, dispersal and diversity of HPV16, the most oncogenic human papillomavirus
Ville Pimenoff, Catalan Institute of Oncology – IDIBELL, Spain

Seroepidemiology of novel human parvoviruses
Elina Väisänen, University of Helsinki
Dual use research- from bench to publication
Liina Voutilainen, Centre for Biothreat Preparedness, Finnish Defence Forces

Microbiological safety considerations for working with ancient remains – general discussion
Chair: Simo Nikkari, Centre for Biothreat Preparedness, Finnish Defence Forces
12:00–13:00 Lunch (Restaurant Salitintti)
13:00–14:30 Session VI: Viral structures and replication
Chairs: Petri Susi and Laura Kakkola, University of Turku
The RNA takes it all: assembly in human parechovirus
Sarah Butcher, University of Helsinki
Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of the binding affinities of natural lipids, drug-like molecules and gold nanoclusters to hydrophobic pockets of echovirus 1
Emmi Pohjolainen, University of Jyväskylä
Coat protein regulation by CK2, CPIP, HSP70, and CHIP is required for potato virus A replication and coat protein accumulation
Andres Lõhmus, University of Helsinki
Protein determinants of Potyvirus translation
Shreya Saha, University of Helsinki
Host protein VARICOSE is a co-regulator of potato virus A translation
Maija Pollari, University of Helsinki
14:30–14:45 Closing