Wisdom in crisis

The 24th YHYS colloquium will be held at the University of Jyväskylä, on 21–22 November 2019, under the theme ”Wisdom in crisis”. Pre-conference programme for PhD students will be organized on Wednesday 20th. The call for sessions is  currently open.

In the pressing need to prevent the heating of our climate and mass-extinction of species, the humanity has to start using natural resources more wisely. It also has to use its limited social resources more wisely to resolve the environmental crises. However, our wisdom as researchers and the usability of scientific knowledge is challenged even at high political levels. In environmental social science, we do this challenging by emphasising the importance of diverse knowledge systems, pointing out ways scientific results are constructed and unveiling the creation of important and salient facts in policy-making. While this does not mean post-truth, it evidently calls for the need to improve our understanding of the different roles knowledge, and the theories we use, can take in planetary crisis. In fact, the critical analyses and experience in knowledge co-creation and natural resource conflicts resolution - also offered by environmental social scientists - provide important means for solving the problems.

The post-truth era calls for the study of discourses, frames and narratives unveiling the construction of truth-claims and hierarchies between knowledge systems related to natural resource use. Furthermore, it calls for collaboration between researchers representing different disciplines, as well as other experts, artists, activists, citizens and policy-makers, in the solving of the resource crises. Finally, an increased emphasis on research ethics is required. In this colloquium, we reflect the role of knowledge in generating and improving the ways of using natural resources and foster transdisciplinary dialogue on the role of wisdom in our society.

Call for sessions

We welcome session proposals to the fields of natural resources and environmental governance as well as explorations on the role and types of knowledge covering a variety of issues such as energy, climate, food, environmental justice or transdisciplinary research methodologies.  We encourage innovativeness in the working methods of the sessions.

The proposals should contain a short description (about 200-300 words) of the intended workshop including the workshop title, and the names and institutional affiliations of the workshop leaders. To submit your session proposal, send it by e-mail to suvi.m.huttunen@jyu.fi by June 2, 2019.

The colloquium is organized by the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, the School of Resource Wisdom and YHYS.