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Innovations, participation and impact

Nearly 50 members of staff and students of JSBE participated in the JSBE development day on 26th March. The participants discussed JSBE's participation, innovations and impact from the perspective of education and teaching, research and the surrounding society.

The participants orientated towards afternoon's group work sessions by listening to the examples of participation, innovations and impact. Hannele Haapio presented Digijohtajaksi! project (project for digital leadership) and
Mari Suoranta set out the operations, services and opportunities provided by Jyväskylä Business and Innovation Factory and CoCampus. The third presentation was about the examples of including the students in research and teaching. The examples were presented by Elina Riivari, Juho Jokinen ja Virpi Malin.

The results of the group work sessions and the concrete examples of participation, innovations and impact will be brought to bear when the AACSB self-evaluation report will be drawn up. The developments that came up during the sessions will be handled in the JSBE management board.