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OP Financial Group's scientific foundations awarded grants worth 210 000 € to JSBE research

JSBE research was supported by post doc, full-time postgraduate and project group grants.

OP Financial Group's scholarship foundations supporting scientific research awarded a total of 210 000 euros to JSBE research.

Postdoctoral researcher Mika Nieminen got a post doc grant worth 65 000 euros, and doctoral students Annika Kuusela, Samu Kärkkäinen, Jussi Leskinen, Ville Seppälä and Susanne Syrén were awarded grants for full-time postgraduate studies, a total of 100 000 euros. JSBE research groups were supported by 45 000 euros, in total. Senior researcher Mika Haapanen's group got a grant of 20 000 euros, and university teacher Tommi Auvinen's group was awarded 25 000 euros.

OP Financial Group's scholarship foundations supporting  scientific research awarded a total of 1,203,000 euros in research grants based on the applications for 2018, thus financing the careers of 53 talented researchers.

OP Financial Group's foundations want to support academic research helping  to create well-being and increase intellectual capital in Finland. Grants awarded by OP  Financial Group Research Foundation are intended for research into economics and business,  and those awarded by Kyösti Haataja Foundation for research into business in rural areas.

Grants from foundations may be applied for a number of purposes, such as for the funding  of a research leave or for full-time postgraduate studies. Decisions on grant recipients are  made by the foundations’ boards of directors based on committee proposals.

Established in 1972, OP Financial Group Research Foundation is one of the largest Finnish economic research foundations. It supports economic research, especially research into financing and cooperative banking.