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The Student Life development at the JYU announces a call for applications for: Three EUR 1,500 grants for master’s theses

The grants are for students whose thesis topics are related to the students or studying at the University of Jyväskylä.

The Student Life is an operating model created by the University of Jyväskylä. It supports students in their studies and develops studying conditions. In addition to the development of basic functions at departments and service units, Student Life also promotes various research projects to develop University functions.

The grants are awarded for master’s theses whose topics are related to either ongoing Student Life development areas or other topics related to study support. It must be noted that Student Life development activities are not directly targeted at teaching contents or pedagogics.

For more information on the Student Life Development work, see

Who can apply?

  • The grants are targeted primarily at students who are preparing for or working at the early stage of their master's theses. The research setup (research goal and methods) should be clear.
  • If the topic meets the Student Life objectives closely, the master's work may be proceeded as far as a stage of data analysis (the data can be collected, but not analyzed yet). You also need to have a named supervisor.
  • We encourage students to consider using our available data sets when applicable. The sets are mostly in Finnish.
Please see here for more detailed information and instructions.

The online application form is available at studentlifemastersgrantapplication-spring2018

Please submit your application by 24.00 on Thursday May 31th, 2018.

Further information:

  • Chair of the Student Life steering group, Vice-Rector Marja-Leena Laakso and vice-chair,, p. 040 805 4024
  • Director of Strategic Planning and Development Kari Pitkänen,, p. 050 364 1010
  • Student Life Coordinator Tapio Anttonen,, p. 0400 248 078