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Business Finland’s TUTLI call is open, deadline 19.9.2018

Business Finland "New Business from Research ideas" funding (so called TUTLI) is research funding for project teams that are preparing commercialization of a research based business idea. Business Finland funds 70 % of the overall costs. At least 40 % must be allocated for the preparation of the commercialization.

Business Finland's TUTLI call is open till 19.9.  Remember to register to the JYU TUTLI application process at Korppi!



  • The novelty value and challenging nature of the technology or competence to be developed by the research project.
  • How the project affects the development of creating major international business and society.
  • The role of businesses in the realisation and steering of the project and the utilisation of its results.
  • The project resources, competence level, and international cooperation. The team's commercialisation skills tend to present the greatest challenge.
  • The application must describe the expertise and previous references of the persons responsible for commercialisation.

For more information, check Business Finland's website or contact:
Janne Viemerö +358 (0)29 50 55848 janne.viemero (at) businessfinland.fi

Business Finland requires that the applications are evaluated by the JYU support services. Research and Innovation Services provide a TUTLI application process for this purpose:

  • As soon as possible, communicate your TUTLI-project idea to advisors in Research and Innovation Services and reserve a meeting for personal coaching ->Contact RIS ris@jyu.fi
  • Tuesday 14th of August, 9 to 11 am at Agora C513.1, the importance of the team and what does a Venture Capitalist look for?
  • Tuesday 21st of August, 9 to 12, Agora B301: Elevator Pitch Training.
  • Tuesday 28th of August, 9 to 12 Agora C513.1: Elevator pitch rehearsal.
  • Remember to start the online TUTLI application and send your project plan to RIS for commenting round at the latest on 31st o August!
  • The final Pitching event is organized at Tampere on Tuesday 4th of September starting at 10. The representatives of Business Finland are present to give feedback. The Pitching is organized with T3 and JAMK.

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Riikka Reitzer

Senior IPR Advisor

Research and Innovation Services