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Strategy work continues – comment on the University’s mission, vision and values

Below you can see the drafts of the mission and the vision for JYU. Please comment on them and give your ideas to finalise them. You can also evaluate and suggest values and principles that suit for the University’s organisational culture.

Please submit your comments and ideas using this form, or the JYUtalk mobile application, by 14 September.

Mis­sion (draft)

University with impact – we are an open-minded community promoting human and planetary wellbeing.

Vision (draft)

We are one of the world’s leading research universities in learning and wellbeing, renewing the knowledge based welfare society towards a sustainable world.

JYU’s organisational culture

JYU’s targeted organisational culture is described as follows:

  • Think fresh
  • Encourage to try
  • Value and make use of dissimilarity
  • Inspire each other
  • Nurture interaction and trust
  • Promote multidisciplinarity
  • Strive for quality

Participate and give feedback

Participate in the strategy process by commenting on the vision, mission, organisational culture and related values. We hope to get ideas from you for further preparation of the strategy.  Participate with this form or the JYUtalk mobile application.

Thank you for participating!