ECCOMAS Thematic Conference: Com­pu­ta­tio­nal Sciences and AI in In­dustry (CSAI)


12.6.2019 — 14.6.2019

Location: Mattilanniemi, Mattilanniemi 2, Agora
This joint conference of the Faculty of Information Technology and ECCOMAS will be held on 12.–14. June 2019. The international conference focuses on the challenges and possibilities of applying AI and computational sciences in industry.

ECCOMAS (European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences) has admitted the first international Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference of computational sciences to Finland. The focus of the conference is in the application of AI in industry and society. The conference is held in association with the Industry Interest Group of ECCOMAS, which aims at promoting the interaction between universities and the business sector.

Computational Sciences are already improving performance and productivity in several industrial sectors, while the importance and applications of AI are growing at a rapid pace. The impact of AI can provide a major competitive advantage for businesses, and combined with Computational Sciences, they can offer completely new solutions for problem solving.

While the possibilities of these fields are increasing, and at the same time industry is becoming more and more connected, new challenges are also emerging. In the future, both fields will have to be able to create the greatest value for all stakeholders: not only for the industry and users, but for the society as well. For this reason it’s important to explore both the possibilities and challenges that arise from their application to the business sector as well as the complex issues of today’s society.  

The conference aims to be a forum for discussion, exchange and networking for participants with varying backgrounds and mutual interests. More than 100 participants are expected to join the conference worldwide. The conference will include speakers who are experts on their field. In addition, the mini-symposiums and Special Technology Sessions (STS) will focus on more specific contemporary topics.

The conference website can be found at: http://jyu.fi/csai.

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Faculty of Information Technology


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