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International panel evaluates research at JYU

A general evaluation of research at the University is in progress. The evaluation focuses on 2010–2017 and is implemented as a combination of thorough self-assessment and international peer evaluation.

The aim is to evaluate the quality of research, the development plans of units and JYU’s development as an international research university. The purpose of the evaluation is to promote development and enhance the conditions for research in units.  

An international evaluation panel, led by Honorary Professor Sue Scott from the University of York (UK), is visiting the University now. From 10 to 14 September, the eight-member panel gets familiar with all our faculties and interviews various staff members and doctoral students. The evaluation includes also The Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius and the Finnish Institute for Educational Research.

An overall evaluation of research is organised by the Science Council, chaired by Vice Rector Henrik Kunttu. Received feedback is in a significant role in the preparation of the University’s research development programme.

Further information:
Vice Rector Henrik Kunttu, tel. +358 50 599 6134,

The evaluation panel (from left in front):
Professor Matthew K O Lee, City University of Hong Kong
Emeritus Professor of Functional Ecology Felicity A. Huntingford, University of Glasgow, UK
Honorary Professor Sue Scott, University of York, UK
Professor Anne Pauwels, University of London, UK
Professor Marja-Liisa Riekkola, University of Helsinki, Finland
(from left in back):
Professor Herman de Jong, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Professor Marcel van Aken, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Professor Colin Boreham, University College Dublin, Ireland