Doctoral Dissertation

Dissertation: 12.11.2018 M.A. Luis Sargento Freitas (Facul­ty of Hu­ma­ni­ties and Social Sciences, Political Science)


12.11.2018 12:00 — 15:00

Location: Seminaarinmaki , S212
M.A. Luis Sargento Freitas defends his doctoral dissertation in Political Science "The new European Parliament: The Common Agricultural Policy under codecision after the Lisbon Treaty".

Opponent Research Professor Hilkka Vihinen (Luonnonvarakeskus) and Custos Professor Emeritus Kari Palonen (University of Jyväskylä). The doctoral dissertation is held in English.


My Ph.D. thesis was about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after the Lisbon Treaty. The focus continued to be on International Organizations and institutions.

In this thesis, I analyzed speeches from MEP’s and Presidents of the EP (Martin Schulz and Jerzy Buzek) made during the 7th legislature of the EP (2009-2014). Although I mostly researched the changes made by the EP in the CAP in this legislature, I also comparatively evaluated the evolution of this common policy with the common environmental policy and transports policy.

This research was a quantitative and qualitative one. Although it is always hard to summarize a Ph.D. thesis in a few words, the main findings of this thesis, in my opinion, were the fact that although the EP has gained codecision in this common policy with the Lisbon treaty of 2009, it has still continued with the same posture ever since the Treaty of Nice of 2004, one based on fast consensus, first readings and focused on amending micro-level legislation where it is particularly successful, while avoiding macro-level reforms where it is not so successful.

Therefore, after the Lisbon treaty, one can speak of a CAP change but not of a CAP reform (if we understand the concept of reform as a macro-level change in its decision-making systems, policies and budgetisation). The EP still needs to have a stronger output if it indeed wishes to overcome the still visible path-dependence in the EU, in other words, increased parliamentarization of the CAP did not completely overcome path-dependence in the EU.