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JYU awarded developers of education

Rector Keijo Hämäläinen granted the 2018 Educational Development Awards on 26 October 2018. On the basis of proposals received from the University community, the awards were granted to teacher-researcher teams whose work is characterized by collaborative and systematic development efforts as well as excellent student feedback.

The awards were handed in the opening event of University Days to the following members of the JYU community:

Designers of a multidisciplinary study module for violence research:Kia Lindroos (left), Marianne Notko, Tuija Saresma, Marita Husso, Heli Päivinen, Aarno Laitila, Juha Holma

  • Marita Husso, Marianne Notko, Kia Lindroos, Tuija Virkki, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy
  • Sanna Karkulehto, Tuija Saresma, Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies
  • Jari Eilola, Department of History and Ethnology
  • Juha Holma, Aarno Laitila, Heli Siltala, Helena Päivinen, Department of Psychology

The award jury praised the pioneering role: this is a unique study module in Finland.

The educational quality in Communication Studies:

  • viestintatiede_netti_1.jpgLeena Mikkola (left), Anu Sivunen, Maarit Valo, Tarja Valkonen, Mitra Raappana, Department of Language and Communication Studies

In the light of feedback from the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey, this unit is Finland’s best in terms of its educational quality in its field.

porssi_petterikarjalainen_netti.jpgIn addition, the student association Pörssi (JSBE) was granted an honorary mention for their initiative and collaborative development work within the unit. The award was handed to the association’s higher education policy coordinator Petteri Karjalainen.

By these awards, the University wants to show appreciation for educational development efforts aiming at high-quality learning and students’ benefit. The sum of the award is 700 euros per person and the honorary mention 1,000 euros.

Further information

Ulla Klemola, Head of Educational Development, 040 805 3340, ulla.klemola@jyu.fi