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JYU Science Communication Award to the Journalism Research News service

The JYU Science Communication Award in the academic year 2017–2018 was granted to the Journalism Research News (JRN) service. Project Researcher Pasi S. Ikonen from the Department of Language and Communication Studies was awarded for the development work which has made, in a few years, the JRN project a leading international science communication channel in the field of journalism research.

The news service concept can be applied in any field of research. The communication strategy of JRN is based on combining the latest communication technology, automatisation and news work aiming at real-time delivery. Universities never operate just locally but rather in a global environment. The delivery of new research knowledge across the world could be a new strong area for Finnish universities.

By 20 August 2018, the JRN service had a total of 78,800 users from 188 countries with the largest groups from the United States (24%), the UK (9%), and the Philippines (5%). The news service has now nearly 4,000 monthly users. The success of JRN shows how JYU’s innovative research community can effectively serve the science communication needs of the whole world.

The JRN project was launched in 2013. It originated from the question why nobody seemed to exactly know what was currently going on globally in journalism research. Like many other fields, journalism research is often fragmented into dozens if not hundreds of journals and publication series as well as academic conferences and seminars. Therefore, the dissemination of new knowledge has been slow and even haphazard. The primary aim of the JRN project was to enhance the spreading of journalism research findings all over the world.

The Science Communication Award is granted annually by the Jyväskylä University Foundation for an achievement made during the previous academic year. The purpose is to point out innovative ways to bring forth research conducted at the University. The award sum is 3,500 euros.

The award was handed as part of the University Days 26–27 October. The Jyväskylä University Foundation decides on the award winner by the proposal of the Science Council. The award can be granted to a person or group actively involved in science communication and popularisation in their own field.

Further information:

  • Project Researcher Pasi S. Ikonen, Department of Language and Communication Studies, pasi.s.ikonen@jyu.fi, tel. 040 805 3015

Chair of the Board of the Jyväskylä University Foundation Seppo Virta, seppo.virta@peurunka.fi, tel. 020 751 6500