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Renovation of the library building to start in spring 2019 – collections moved and changed

The collections of the University Library will be moved and changed during the renovation of the library building from spring 2019 to 2021. The library operations will move to temporary facilities in April 2019.

When the library building is closed, the campus libraries of Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne, the Aalto Library of the main building and the Kanavuori collection centre are ready to serve customers.The distributed placement of material and the moving phase in spring will create challenges, but the library staff will do its best to serve customers as well as usual.

The temporary facilities will have room only for a smaller amount of printed collections. Therefore, some of the material will be moved, partly permanently, to the Kanavuori collection centre and the National Repository Library in Kuopio.

Material moved from library stacks is still available regardless of a changed location. However, during the move, there may be a delay in the delivery. For this reason, it is good to check the availability of books and journals in advance from JYKDOK, where we try to keep the location data of collections updated also during the move. 

The collections of other libraries and electronic data will play a more important role for information seeking in the future. For example, ordering literature from the large scientific collections of the National Repository Library is fast and free for JYU students and staff. The data of the National Repository Library are available in JYKDOK on a separate tab. You can order a book using, for example, the inter-library loan form. You can order copies of articles to your own email. You may often get a copy of an article during the same day, and it usually takes only a couple of workdays to get a book. 

Also during the move, the Open Science Centre will ensure that JYU students and staff get all the data they need. If you cannot find something, contact the library or make an acquisition proposal in order to enlarge our collections. Furthermore, the interlibrary loan service takes care of ordering books or articles from any part of the world when necessary. 

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Risto Heikkinen
Development Manager, coordinator of the library renovation


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Risto Heikkinen