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Se­mi­nar on eS­ports, Exer­ga­ming, and Fan­ta­sy Lea­gues


21.11.2018 — 23.11.2018

Location: Seminaarinmaki, Liikunta, Musica Boombox
Multidiscliplinary seminar investigates the intersections between digital games and sports. In addition to academic presentations there is a day of industry related talks as well as an esports tournament on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This seminar brings together for the first time research on three research subjects traditionally studied separately: eSports, fantasy leagues and exergames. eSports, competitive playing of digital games, has been recognized in many ways as an alternative and competitor to traditional sports, be it in relation to players, audience or sponsorship.

Being a professional digital game player has become a viable career option, and in Finland as in many other countries, new study programs have been established around esports. Fantasy Leagues and virtual sports are another form of sports hobby supported by digital media, and they open up perspectives to the increasingly mediated sports spectatorship.

Exergames can motivate physical exercise or movement may serve as an interface with the game. A good example is the augmented reality game Pokémon GO rose as one of the most played games ever, and according to recent studies, seems to have managed to increase the physical activity of its players significantly.

Our keynote speakers are 

  • Dr Emma Stanmore, Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences is the Deputy Lead for the Healthy Ageing Research Group (the University of Manchester), who will give a lecture titled Real world testing of exergames in assisted living facilities in the UK. Her research focuses on health innovation and the promotion of healthy ageing. She is currently researching the use of gamification to improve health literacy and prevent functional decline in older adults.
  • Dr. Nicholas Taylor, Assistant Professor of Digital Media at North Carolina State University, has researched the role of digital gaming and play in our everyday lives, and is particularly interested in the growing professionalization of video game play, through the rise of eSports communities and the leagues, clans, and tournaments that constitute the emerging eSports industry. His keynote lecture is titled The Numbers Game: Sports, eSports, and the Instrumentation of Performance.

The seminar is arranged jointly by Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies and the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

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