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The University’s strategy work proceeds to development programmes

The strategy work at JYU continues with the creation of five development programmes in the autumn. Comments and feedback collected about the mission vision during the Pop up 2 campaign reinforced the themes that emerged in the spring.
The University’s strategy work proceeds to development programmes

Discussion about the mission and vision was positive, with as many as 150 comments. In addition, the University Collegium discussed the topic on 30 October 2018. According to the University community, the most important values were openness, trust, quality and ethicality. The community’s views of the mission and vision occasionally showed significant differences, but it was possible to identify clear themes in the feedback, which the University Board will consider before confirming the mission and vision on 12 December.

The development programmes will specify the strategic goals, actions and indicators for the future years. When creating the development programmes, the extensive material produced during the strategy work will be used, and the University community will be able to participate in the creation of the programmes during the autumn 2018 and early 2019. 

The development programmes will be prepared in steering groups: 

Development programme

Steering group

 Education development programme; JYU Identity 

 Education Council

Research, innovation and infrastructure programme; World-class research environment and support for research 

Science Council

University community that promotes skills, creativity and wellbeing

Development group for promoting skills, creativity and wellbeing in the University community

Attractive campus 

Campus Development Group

Digital programme; Smart Campus


Digital Programme Steering Group

Theme-specific steering groups of the digital programme:

Steering group for the digitalisation of learning and education

Research digitalisation steering group

Steering group for intelligent digital environments 


The groups to develop the programmes will meet for the first time on 5 November 2018 to launch the projects. The goal of the event is to identify the thematic areas included in each development programme and plan the completion schedule. The progress will be reported in Intranet Uno.

Further information:

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Development Director Jarkko Pirkkalainen 
jarkko.pirkkalainen@jyu.fi, 040 737 3364