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Welcome to the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony in May 2019!

Registration for the tenth Conferment of Degrees Ceremony of the University of Jyväskylä is now open until 1 February 2019.
Welcome to the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony in May 2019!

In the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony, the new Masters and Doctors will be given their degree in the ceremonial act of conferment, and will receive a Master’s laurel and ring or a Doctor’s hat and sword as the sign of it. 

Invitations are on their way to masters and doctors who have graduated 2016–2018. Masters and doctors who have not been conferred earlier are also welcome to participate. Please find the registration instructions on the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony website. Invitations, information letters and schedules are also available on the website.  

The Conferment of Degrees Ceremony is held on 24–26 May 2019. The Act of Conferment and the Dinner and Ball are held on Saturday 25 May in University of Jyväskylä Main Building and Jyväskylän Paviljonki. 

The Sword Sharpening Dinner and the Garland Binding Dinner are held on Friday, 24 May in Ruusupuisto. On Sunday, 26 May, promovendi and other ceremony participants have a cruise on Lake Saimaa and visit Savutuvan Apaja.  

The Conferrer of Degrees is Professor Raimo Alén. The Chair of the Conferment of Degrees Committee is professor Harry Lönnroth.    

More information on the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony 2019 and the registration is available at  

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Vesa Holm

Coordinator of the Conferment Ceremony 2019