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Apply for product development funding

This small-scale funding is meant to help to test and evaluate new business and product ideas.

Funding (500 - 1000€) can be used for early-stage trails, to buy utensils and materials, for outsourcing services, such as novelty search, competition analysis etc. Funding may not be used for paying wages for the team itself. Funding criteria include business potential of the idea, concrete project plan, funding subjects and commitment of the idea owner/s towards the commercialization project


The presentation must include:

- subjects to be funded
- how much funding is applied, including the budget
- business potential
- project plan
- how the funding would help to further development the business idea?
- preliminary plan for the next steps after this funding

A prerequisite for getting this grant is that the beneficiary presents his / her work 1-2 times at one of the JYU's or Business Factory’s events / marketing when the project is at an appropriate stage. This is agreed and arranged with each team / applicant separately.

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Riikka Reitzer

Senior IPR Advisor