Public lecture

Cathleen Miller's public lecture


27.2.2019 16:15 — 20:00

Location: Seminaarinmaki, H320, Seminaarinkatu 15, Kirjailijatalo, Seminaarinkatu 26B
The world famous nonfiction author Cathleen Miller is coming to Jyväskylä.


Cathleen Miller is perhaps best known from her international bestseller Desert Flower. The book tells a story of Waris Dirie, a Somali girl who ran away from her oppressive life in the African desert and became internationally renowned fashion model and a human rights ambassador for the U.N.

Now you have a chance to hear about writing a creative nonfiction from Cathleen Miller herself!

Miller will give a public lecture on Wednesday February 27. Afterwards the evening continues at Kirjailijatalo, where Miller discusses her work.


NONFICTION FOR ADVOCACY: Writers can and do change the world. Cathleen Miller will discuss her techniques for persuasion 27.2.2019 at 16.15–17.45
Historica building, H320 (Seminaarinkatu 15)

BEHIND THE SCENES: Cathleen Miller discusses her work in reporting and writing creative nonfiction
27.2.2019 at 18.30–20.00
Kirjailijatalo (Seminaarinkatu 26 B)

Cathleen Miller’s workshop on Nonfiction and Personal essay
25.2.–28.2. Starting at 16.15.
More information about the workshop: risto.niemi-pynttari@jyu.fi

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