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The University of Jyväskylä’s operating model for the Finnish parliamentary election 2019

Members of the University community are encouraged for candidacy in parliamentary elections, to vote and participate actively in civic activities.

However, as regards the University’s operation, peaceful working conditions and political neutrality must be sustained also during the election period. The following practices will be valid for individual persons once the candidacy is announced and collectively from the confirmation of candidates until the end of the election day, that is, from 14 March to 14 April 2019.

  • The University does not organise any electoral events of individual candidates or parties. However, the University’s facilities can be rented for electoral events on an equal basis according to the University’s normal facility rental rates (, However, the events of individual candidates or parties are not advertised using the University’s information channels.
  • Also the campus sports field and other outdoor premises of the University can be booked for electoral events. No rent is charged for outdoor premises, but any costs for electricity, water and cleaning will be charged from the users. Booking requests for outdoor premises can be submitted by email to, stating the purpose of the event “vaalitapahtuma” (electoral event), the desired premises and the time range.
  • The distribution of any electoral brochures in the University’s premises is allowed only in conjunction with the electoral events.
  • The University’s media can be used for informing about such electoral events where representatives of different parties have equal opportunities for display. In this case, also the organiser of the event must be communicated. Any other kinds of advertisements of political events, parties or candidates cannot be published in the University’s media (internal mail, notice boards, external and internal websites, newsletters, online magazines, press releases, event calendar, email lists, and the University’s social media channels).
  • Any JYU employees who are electoral candidates may give lectures or be otherwise involved in the University’s events, provided that this is part of their work duties related to the University’s operation and teaching included in their work plans. In addition, they can appear in contexts related to their work duties also in the University’s media, for example, on the website.
  • JYU staff members can freely act as private persons in electoral events of parliamentary election candidates, but they are not representing the University in these occasions. In connection of personal name it is acceptable to use one’s job title and academic degree, but not the name of the University of Jyväskylä. The same applies when staff members are electoral candidates themselves.

These instructions do not apply to ministers or other high-powered decision-makers when they visit the University in the role of a specialist.

Further information:
Director of Legal Affairs Sanna Anttilainen, tel. +358 50 443 2367