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KAiKU Music Glove, a musical instrument from the University of Jyväskylä, is on the threshold of success

Research work conducted at the University of Jyväskylä is bearing fruit as a commercial product. A technology that makes learning music easier received project funding from Tekes and a company, Taction Enterprises, was founded in 2016 based on the project. Jukka Louhivuori, a professor of musicology, led the development of this technology.

Jukka Louhivuori’s invention is a new type of music glove that can be played by touching the sensors that are on the glove. This technology, developed from a research project, has raised interest in other fields exploiting wearable technology.

Taction Enterprises has invested in product development and market research with funding from founders and angel investors. As a result of the product development at the end of 2018, Taction Enterprises came up with a finished product that Taction sells on its webstore. The product was named KAiKU Music Glove. It attracted a lot of attention in January at the annual NAMM fair, the most important event in the field of music technology in Los Angeles. In addition, the USA Today newspaper selected KAiKU Music Glove as one of the six most interesting music products from over thousand products.

Taction will launch KAiKU Music Glove globally during 2019. For this purpose, Taction is seeking funding from investors.

Unifund Ltd., a University-owned investment company, invests mainly in early-stage businesses that are closely connected to the University of Jyväskylä. Taction Enterprises was Unifund’s first investment target. Unifund invested in the IPR (intellectual property rights) that arose during Tekes project in Taction Enterprises. On the basis of the IPR, a patent to the United States has been approved and an EU patent is at an approval stage. Taction will file new patent applications on broader usability of the technology this year.

Unifund, together with the angel investors, has already taken part in the funding round.

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Jukka Louhivuori, Taction Enterprises Inc., Chairman of the Board +358 40 576 5864

Kalevi Louhivuori, Taction Enterprises Inc., CEO +358 50 465 3373

Vesa Kupari, Unifund Ltd., CEO +358 400 616 940

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