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Strategy work 2019: Development programmes of JYU strategy

The University Board confirmed the entity of University strategy, including the mission, vision and values and five development programmes to implement the vision.

The Board also gave the Rector guidelines for implementing strategy communications and preparing the strategy’s execution, indicators and management model.

The University’s core fields were detailed in connection of the strategy process. The core fields are:

  • Learning, teaching and interaction
  • Basic natural phenomena and mathematical thinking
  • Sustainable business and economics
  • Language, culture and society
  • Physical activity, health and wellbeing
  • Information technology and the human in the knowledge society

The Rector will define the guidelines for strategy communications during May and lead the definition of strategy management model, actions and meters. The entity will be completed by December 2019.

“The wellbeing of each member of our community is important, as is to ensure that everyone has opportunities to grow and develop. Through our high-quality research and education, we promote the comprehensive wellbeing and competence of individuals in society,” says Rector Keijo Hämäläinen.

“The strategy work at JYU and utilising the competence of such a large group to develop the future has raised a lot of interest. Just by working in small groups, we would not have gained such good understanding of the direction of the future. Also strategic discussion in the community has been necessary, and hopefully the discussion will continue,” says Development Director Jarkko Pirkkalainen.

More information:

Rector Keijo Hämäläinen, tel. +358 40 680 0215,  

Development Director Jarkko Pirkkalainen, tel. +358 40 737 3364,

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