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JYU research reviewed

The international panel found the research environment of JYU to be of top class. According to the panel, the University should support both individual researchers and entire fields of science as well as enhance internationalisation for greater effectiveness of research.

The University of Jyväskylä conducted an international evaluation of research in 2018. It covered the research activities across the University in years 2010-2017. The aim was to recognise the strengths of the research environment as well as essential targets for further development efforts. The strengths of JYU include the many research teams doing top-class research, and also the increased number and impact of research publications. The results of this research evaluation will be used in the further development of research of the whole University and of its different units.

The evaluation consisted of a report describing the development of the units, self-assessments by the units, a report of an international panel, and unit-specific development plans. The consequent main recommendations deal with supporting researchers in their work and careers, increasing internationalisation and enhancing the social effectiveness of research.

Vice Rector Henrik Kunttu says that the resulting view on the situation helps outline the University’s position in the field of research and is also opening prospects for the future.

”Looking at the future while knowing the facts of the present state provides a sound basis for concrete development efforts to improve scientific quality. Research evaluation with a developmental yet critical approach is excellently promoting the strategy work of our University by offering valuable inputs to our strategy development programmes”, Vice Rector Kunttu states.

Further information:

Vice Rector Henrik Kunttu, tel. 050 599 6134,

Head of Research Development Timo Taskinen, tel. 0400 648504,

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The final report of the research evaluation is published at an event held at the University of Jyväskylä on Thursday 9 May.2019 at 1:00 p.m., Room S212, Old Festival Hall.