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JYU support process for TUTLI call fall 2019

Business Finland "New Business from Research ideas" funding (so called TUTLI) opens foreseeably at the beginning of June 2019, the deadline is around Mid-September 2019.

Business Finland "New Business from Research ideas" funding (so called TUTLI) is research funding for project teams that are preparing commercialization of a research based business idea. The envisioned business volume must be global and significant.

Remember to register to the JYU TUTLI application process at Korppi. Business Finland requires that the applications are evaluated by the JYU support services.Research and Innovation Services provide a TUTLI application process for this purpose:

  • As soon as possible, communicate your TUTLI-project idea to advisors in Research and Innovation Services and reserve a meeting for personal coaching ->Contact RIS We will go through the main features of the funding and explain the IPR issues.
  • First collective meeting for the applicants is on 6th of August at 9 - 11 am, Agora B301. We will go through the NABC (need, approach, benefits and competition) as well as the IPR (both background and the envisioned foreground).
  • Second meeting 13.8. at 9 – 11 am, Agora C513.1: Importance of the team. Innovation Advisor Laura Aineslahti will shares her experience with TUTLI project in the different phases of the project. She has been an entrepreneur is a research based TUTLI spin-out.
  • Third meeting 20.8. at 9 – 12 pm, Startup Factory (Yritystehdas, Innova 1): Elevator Pitch training by Marko Sorri, startup coach. Remember to send your draft of the project application and plan to RIS for commenting round at the latest on 27th of August.
  • Fourth meeting 27.8. at 9 – 12 am, Ag C513.1: Last chance to practice Elevator Pitch. We will also go through the main points of your TUTLI application.
  • Fifth meeting 3.9. between 9 - 16, about 20 minutes for each team. Elevator Pitches for the Business Finland representatives will take place at Tampere.
  • Remember to start the online TUTLI application and send it & your project plan to RIS for commenting round at the latest on 27th of August! Prepare the budget for the project, as well as the Converis-form together with the project secretary at the Service Center.

    Business Finland can fund 70% of the total cost of projects that have high commercial potential and set the basis for a new business activity. The executing faculty (or department) will cover 30 % of the cost as self-financing. The rector has promised to cover part of this self-financing. The condition of the rectors 7,5 % funding are:
  • Business Finland and the executing faculty/department is committed to finance their share of the project.
  • A representative of Research and Innovation services is in the steering group of the project.
  • The key contributors of the TUTLI team ”participate in a pre-incubator program, e.g. at the in-house company Startup Factory (Yritystehdas)

Start working on your project plan well on time. You can test your TUTLI idea anytime – come and meet the advisers at Research and Innovation Services or send the description of your TUTLI idea to

Remember to register to the JYU TUTLI application process at Korppi. More information about the call can be found (in Finnish) at the website of Business Finland.

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