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Dissertation: 20.12 Collaborative screen capture video based learning in information systems science (Makkonen)

Start date: Dec 20, 2014 12:00 AM

End date: Dec 20, 2014 03:00 PM

Location: Mattilanniemi, Agora Aud 2.

Pekka Makkonen.M. Sc. (Economics) Pekka Makkonen defends his doctoral dissertation in Information Systems Science. Opponent TkT Pauli Kuosmanen (Digile Oy) and custos Professor Seppo Puuronen (University of Jyväskylä). The event is in Finnish.


The rapid development of e-learning causes the need of research. By e-learning it is possible to improve both performance and motivation in learning and this study understands learning in this way. The study combines educational principles from constructivism and problem-based learning with screen-capture videos, an e-learning platform, and wiki environment.  The start point is the strategic approach to the globalized e-learning without boundaries. Followed by this general approach the study includes three e-learning cases in which the pedagogical and technological approach of this study has been realized. The empirical part of this study shows that our three cases improve the effectiveness and performance in information systems science principles learning. In three assignments for this study the students worked mostly in small groups. In all three cases of this study in the first phase the students composed screen-capture videos and in the second and latter phase they commented on what other groups have produced.  In all the cases the effect on performance in the learning of IS areas improved. The result supports blended learning compared to the traditional teaching and learning methods. The limitation of the study is that only quantitative research methods have been used.

Keywords: learning, learning of concept, constructivist learning, problem-based learning, e-learning, critical success factors of e-learning, screen-capture videos, e-learning platform, wiki

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