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Game industry expert arrives in Jyväskylä April 21st

Brendon Neuwerth (Business Development Director, Nitro Games Ltd) has been working in several international game companies with entertainment games as well as edugames since the 90’s. He has been also developing several well-known Finnish games such as Alan Wake and Trials HD. On Tuesday April 21st in his talk Neuwerth considers the trajectory of games especially in the context of publishing.

Brendon Neuwerth, who has worked with games since the 1990s, talks about how to turn games into a profitable business instead of just developing games for self or for a shell company and never publish. During his talk, he will go through the challenges, different channels and ways of publishing games. Also we will hear how publishing can be successful with a cooperation partner.

“The distance between the content provider and the end user is the shortest it’s ever been. It however, has never been more complex to reach and engage a user/player. In my opinion what we need as an industry, is to figure out how to build an eco system that focuses on user collaboration across games,” says Brendon Neuwerth.

Brendon Neuwerth has worked in business context and for example was a part of Microsoft signing one of the most successful Xbox Live Arcade games called Trials HD. Today he has an extensive upstream and downstream industry network, and a particular skill with relationship building & management.

The event is organized April 21st from 12.15 until 13.45 in Agora auditorium 3 by Jyväskylä Game Lab project. In the Jyväskylä Game Lab project multidisciplinary teams develop game prototypes, and during his visit Neuwerth will also coach these game projects’. The teams’ ideas will be ready for further development in May-June 2015.

The event will be in English and it’s open for everyone free of charge.

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