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ESF funding of €346 217 for the Centre for Applied Language Studies

“Getting a grip on basic skills: pedagogical design for teachers and advisers in migrant education”, coordinated by the Centre for Applied Language Studies (CALS), has received ESF (European Social Fund) funding (€346 217) for three years.

The project will start in April 2017 and focus on developing an in-service training model for teachers and instructors working with adult immigrants in Finland. In addition to CALS, the project will be executed by the experts of The Department of Language and Communication Studies, The Department of Teacher Education, and the Open University.

The main objectives of the project “Getting a grip on basic skills” are to develop a training model that can be used nationally for 1) supporting the development of basic skills (study skills, numeracy, ICT-based problem solving, reading, and writing) of immigrant adults, and for 2) promoting the skills of the teaching personnel in activities focusing on basic skills.

Another objective is to contribute to efforts which give immigrant adults access to education or help them succeed on the job market.

In the project, the focus will be on improving the professional expertise of teaching personnel of low-educated and high-educated immigrants. These two groups of immigrants are at risk of being excluded from the job market and generally from the society if their studying paths are not supported sufficiently.

Working life skills are increasingly emphasised through different school levels, and the need for integrating language training and field-specific contents is growing rapidly. This is also where personnel working with immigrants lack training. The project is geared towards both L2 Finnish and L2 Swedish learners and the teaching personnel working with them.

During the project, approximately 50 teachers or instructors and their students will participate in this in-service training; consequently, the project will reach altogether at least 800 persons.

Contact details:

Research Coordinator Taina Tammelin-Laine
+358 40 805 3230

Senior Researcher Heidi Vaarala
+358 40 8053172

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