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Team POCKit aims to put the power of diagnostics into the hands of patients

Team POCKit is participating in the semi-final stage of the prestigious Helsinki Challenge for the special 100 year anniversary of Finland. Team POCKit’s innovation is to offer a portable, lab-on-a-chip diagnostic device for detecting tick-borne diseases.

Tick-borne diseases are reaching epidemic levels around the world, and the problem is only growing due to climate change expanding the tick population further and further. Current diagnostics fail to tackle the complex problem of tick-borne diseases: current test kits are slow, inaccurate, costly, and most of all they are available only to those with access to expensive diagnostics of the clinical laboratories.

- We want to solve these issues globally, says Dr. Leona Gilbert, the team leader of POCKit and the Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology in the University of Jyväskylä. POCKit is an international and multidiscliplinary collaboration with research groups and teams from University of Jyväskylä, University of Helsinki, Gunma University (Japan), ArminLabs (Germany), and Te?ted Oy (Jyväskylä).

POCKit will be a lab-on-a-chip diagnostic device based on a novel adaptation of microfluidics and immunodiagnostics. The device will be accurate, less expensive and portable, and thus enables access to proper diagnostics basically for everyone.

- We believe with the correct diagnosis the patients of tick-borne diseases can receive timely and accurate treatment, and the epidemic growth of these diseases halted, thus curbing the problems they pose on healthcare services and accessability, Gilbert describes.

Vote for the best solution on the spot or by texting!

The most voted team will proceed straight to the Helsinki Challenge finals. You can vote teams during the Helsinki Challenge Semifinal Pitch Nights or you can also vote by texting the number of your favorite team to number +358 45 7396 0300. You can vote only once from one cell phone plan. Vote for Team POCKit (number 1), write a text message with only number 1.

The voting starts on Tuesday, June 6th, at 18:00 and ends on Wednesday, June 7th, at 17:55. Notice that you can vote for Wednesday’s teams already on Tuesday and vice versa!

The most voted team will be announced at Wednesday’s Helsinki Challenge Semifinal Pitch Night. Helsinki Challenge culminates in the award ceremony in November 2017 where the winning team will receive a prize of 375.000 euros. It is meant for the implementation of the solution.

Team POCKit
Leona Gilbert was pitching in February.

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