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Taina Erkkilä appointed as Head of Marketing and Communications

Taina Erkkilä, Master of Arts (Organizational Communication & Public Relations), has been appointed as Head of Marketing and Communications for the University of Jyväskylä, effective 1 October 2017.  She moves to Jyväskylä from Espoo. Previously Erkkilä has worked in international managerial posts for multi-national public companies (Fortum, Huhtamäki, Nissan) and in communications services at, for example, the Helsinki University of Technology. Alongside her new position, Erkkilä is writing her dissertation in the field of Corporate Communication at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics.

Erkkilä will lead the new University Communications unit as part of Research and Campus Services. From the beginning of 2017, University Communications has operated as a centralised unit of 26 employees. Its purpose is to develop, plan and implement the University’s internal and external communications as well as domestic and international marketing. The unit’s duties also include brand work, translation services for administrative and communication purposes, the Soppi University Shop functions, organisation of events, and partnership support such as alumni activities and fundraising.

Within University Communications, the communications team is led by Communications Manager Liisa Harjula and the digital communications team by Communications Manager Miikka Kimari. In addition, the unit includes the external relations and marketing teams. Director of Relations Anu Mustonen leads Research and Campus Services and supports the University’s management with communications and stakeholder relationships.

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