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Game by students wins Illustration of statistics competition

How would your life have gone if you had been born 100 years ago? This is the question posed by the game that won Statistics Finland’s Illustration of statistics competition for students. The game was created as part of coursework at the University of Jyväskylä. 

In the spring of 2017, students developed new ways of presenting journalistic content at the News Game Project course, which was co-organised by the subjects of Journalism and Mathematical Information Technology. A team of students from both programmes developed the game Ennen oli kaikki… (Everything used to be…).

In the game, the player is born in Central Finland in the year 1917. The aim is to introduce the player to the lives of the generation born 100 years ago. The idea for the game was inspired by the centenary of Finland’s independence.

In the Ennen oli kaikki… game, the choices made by the player, together with statistical probabilities, form the player’s life path. The game has significant replay value, because every game session can produce a completely different outcome. The game is a text-based life simulation that also utilises photographs to make the past feel intimate. The game was released in collaboration with the Museum of Central Finland.

– This course on news games illustrates new types of digital communication that also have use as educational tools for schools. This course has also sparked novel collaboration between teachers from the two faculties, says Turo Uskali, one of the course teachers.

Uskali says that above all, the News Game course has taught students teamwork and project management skills. The course has also brought attention to the fact that the level of project management skills within the Faculty of Information Technology is higher than that in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

– This sparked a need to develop project-based studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The faculty awarded us project funding for this purpose. With this funding, our aim is to create related teaching material for all teachers by the end of the year, Uskali says.


The Ennen oli kaikki… game’s team of student developers:

Veera Hasala, Project Leader, Programmer
Pauliina Karjalainen, Game Designer, Graphic Designer
Juho Karppinen, Programmer, Sound Designer
Elina Rantalainen, Content Creator
Roope Visuri, Content Creator

Link to the Ennen oli kaikki… game:


More information:

Turo Uskali
040 548 8448

Statistics Finland’s related press release

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