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Checkpoint Leonardo -illusions

Start date: Feb 13, 2018 11:00 AM

End date: Jun 03, 2018 05:00 PM

Location: Vesilinna, Jyväskylän Harju (Ihantolantie 5)

Why the temperatures of different materials feel different, even though they are at the same temperature? How come the combination of main colors is white?

Different kinds of illusions and deceptions of senses are presented at the newest exhibition of the Natural History Museum of the Open Science Centre. At the exhibition you will get acquainted with additive formation of colors as well as the secrets of heat conduction. Also, you can try out different kinds of mirror illusions, e.g. combine your facial features with your friend’s features. English subtitles will be available for the try-it-yourself parts of the exhibition from week 8.

The exhibition was designed by a group of students from The Department of Teacher Education together with the Museum. The student group was supervised by Lecturers Anssi Lindell and Antti Lokka. The exhibition is open till Sun 3.6.2018, Tue-Fri 11-18 and Sat-Sun 12-17 (for groups also at other times when booked in advance). Free entrance. The Museum is located at Vesilinna, Jyväskylän Harju (Ihantolantie 5).

Welcome to explore what kind of color combinations you will get yourself and if you can fade out part of yourself with mirrors!

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