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What will JYU be like in 2030? The Futurisator is here!

The University of Jyväskylä in 2030: What kind of a university would you like it to be? What would you change and what would you keep? What should we focus on and invest in? Share your ideas in the Futurisator, chat with our experts and influence what JYU will be in ten years.

The new JYU strategy and vision for 2030 will be designed by the entire university community. The ideas of staff and students will be collected at various events and through several channels. Meet the future on campus starting 12 February, or install and use the JYUtalk app and participate from anywhere. You’re also welcome to participate in the discussion event on trends, on 6 March in the University Main Building. Let’s work together to make the University an even better place for work and study. 

Meet the future on campus

Jump in the Futurisator to share your ideas or chat with an expert on site. The first 50 to participate at each location will receive a surprise gift from the strategy bucket!

Tour schedule:

  • Liikunta, 12–13 February
  • Ruusupuisto, first-floor lobby, 14–15 February.
  • University Library, 16–19 February
  • Department of Physics, lobby, 20–21 February
  • Agora, lobby, 22–23 February

Do you want to discuss trends? Discussion event on 6 March

We are organising a discussion event open for all on various issues influencing the future. The event will take place on Tuesday, 6 March at 12:00–15:00 in the University Main Building, Room C4. Welcome! Register as a user in the Futures Platform prediction tool: Explore issues in the future chart and choose the ones you find most important. You can also indicate which issues are, your opinion, not significant or relevant for the University. In addition, you can also estimate the impact and likelihood of an issue on the future of our University. Get user rights for the Futures Platform by completing this form.

Participate from anywhere. Download the JYUtalk app.

Using JYUtalk you can easily participate in the planning of the University’s future from anywhere. Download the app to your smartphone and answer the questions. The application can be downloaded from your phone’s app store (iPhone: App Store, Android: Google Play, Microsoft: Microsoft store).

App available at the beginning of Week 7 – keep an eye on the communications channels!

Visio 2030 video 

Watch the video: Vision 2030. Building the future of JYU together

Modern strategy work is not about Power Point slides or doing it on one’s own – it is a common effort. I encourage you all to participate and create a common vision that looks and feels like our own!

- Rector Keijo Hämäläinen


Further information about strategy work: (login with your JYU account)

Head of Planning Jarkko Pirkkalainen, 040 737 3364

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