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Professor Johanna Mappes appointed Honorary Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Johanna MappesThe American Academy of Arts and Sciences has invited Professor of Evolutionary Ecology Johanna Mappes as a Foreign Honorary Member. New members were published on 18 April. Established in 1780, the Academy is one of the world’s oldest learned societies.

The members of the Academy selected 213 new Fellows from the United States and 36 Foreign Honorary Members to their community. The new members are scientists, artists and influential persons in society from various fields. They include, for example, former President of the United States of America Barack Obama, actor Tom Hanks and physicist David J. Pine.

Professor Mappes, who works at the Department of Biological and Environmental Science at JYU, is a renowned evolutionary biologist. In her research, Mappes focuses on interspecific interactions, especially the evolution of warning signals and mimicry in chemically defended prey, but also the evolution of bacterial virulence as well as the evolution of sexual and asexual reproduction.

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