University of Jyväskylä


Dec 02, 2016
JYUNewsItem Good house design enables older people to go outdoors daily
Dec 01, 2016
JYUNewsItem Novel solutions for vaccine storage
Dec 01, 2016
JYUNewsItem Listening to doctoral students and their supervisors reveals good practices
Nov 30, 2016
JYUNewsItem Sedentary lifestyle may impair academic performance in boys
Nov 18, 2016
JYUNewsItem A new method to study interactions between electrons in solids and molecules
Oct 31, 2016
JYUNewsItem Report on potential collaboration between JAMK University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä 2016
Oct 31, 2016
JYUNewsItem Researchers nearly reached quantum limit with nanodrums
Oct 25, 2016
JYUNewsItem The 2017 Best Global Universities rankings announced – JYU among the top 500
Oct 19, 2016
JYUNewsItem DNA-based single electron electronics
Oct 18, 2016
JYUNewsItem University of Jyväskylä seeks a new rector
Oct 11, 2016
JYUNewsItem Quality education for all
Oct 04, 2016
JYUNewsItem Older people’s loneliness and melancholy ease with time
Sep 22, 2016
JYUNewsItem At European Researchers’ Night everyone can be a researcher
Sep 13, 2016
JYUNewsItem Healthy diet boosts children’s reading skills
Sep 13, 2016
JYUNewsItem Biomechanics of Human Movement: Mechanisms and Methods
Sep 09, 2016
JYUNewsItem Researchers synthesize record-breaking, atomically precise diamond-shaped nanoclusters of silver
Sep 06, 2016
JYUNewsItem Opening fair, picnic and concert for new students
Aug 30, 2016
JYUNewsItem ”Optogenetic tools in the molecular spotlight” eBook available
Aug 29, 2016
JYUNewsItem Participate in a strength training investigation!
The Department of Biology of Physical Activity wants to recruit 21-30 year-old men for a strength training research project.
Aug 18, 2016
JYUNewsItem Libri becomes a new student cafeteria, student price lunch removed from Tilia