Listening to doctoral students and their supervisors reveals good practices

The final report of the Doctoral Training Evaluation has been published

A new report evaluating doctoral training at the University of Jyväskylä highlights both good practices and areas for further development. In each faculty, the process for this internal evaluation included one day dedicated to discussions with all parties: students, supervisors and the heads of doctoral schools and programmes.

The evaluation will be used as a basis for improving the quality of doctoral dissertations and supervision. More attention will be paid to parity between doctoral students and to support for career planning. The processes, principles and values inherent in doctoral training will be harmonised across all doctoral schools at the University.

The final report of the Doctoral Training Evaluation contains evaluations for each doctoral school regarding the implementation of the Graduate School’s operating principles, the transparency of the doctoral school’s operating methods and the feasibility of their operating models. Based on the Evaluation, goals for developing doctoral training have been defined up to the year 2020.

The Doctoral Training Evaluation, implemented by the Graduate School Steering Board, is part of the implementation of the Operational Agenda for the University Strategy. The final report of the Evaluation and its summary have been published on the Science Council website. A translation of the final report will be published in early 2017.

Further information:

Graduate School Coordinator Tuula Oksanen tuula.a.oksanen@jyu.fi, 040 801 4205