Plagiarism detection for doctoral dissertations and licentiate’s theses

Plagiarism detection for doctoral dissertations and licentiate’s theses

The Rector has approved the University’s code of conduct regarding academic fraud and plagiarism on 13 June 2013. According to the code of conduct, all final theses should be checked with the University’s plagiarism detection software as of 1 August 2013.

The supervisor of a thesis must ensure that the student sends the thesis to be checked with the plagiarism detection software. This should be done at the latest before submitting the thesis for a preliminary examination (doctoral dissertations) or evaluation (licentiate’s theses).

The author of a thesis must give his/her approval for the use of the plagiarism detection software because the work will be saved in the software database. When a thesis is saved in the database, it is protected against possible future attempts to plagiarise it.

The supervisor of a thesis is responsible for interpreting the results of comparison made by the plagiarism detection software. The preliminary examiners and evaluators of a thesis must be informed that, upon request, they are entitled to receive the comparison report produced by the software and use it as they see best when assessing the work.

For more information, please contact your department or the supervisor of your thesis.