Information seeking and management training sessios for researchers in spring 2019

Dissertation Start-up

Basic information kit of open publishing: by what means can research results be made openly available? In this course we will go through the basics of self-archiving, sharing articles in various channels and publishing in open access journals.

The course gives the researcher the abilities to integrate self-archiving with his or her publishing activity. You will get the basic knowledge of what self-archiving is, what can be self-archived and how it is done. The course will also examine other ways of sharing research results, e.g. with the help of scientific social networks such as Research Gate, and Mendeley. What are they?  What does the researcher need to know about copyright matters when sharing articles in them?

Could you think of publishing your article preprint, i.e. the non-peer reviewed manuscript? The course will also consider how, and on what conditions, the different article versions can be published open access and what the differences are between fields of science.

Reference Manager RefWorks

Learn to use RefWorks, an online bibliographic management program, that allows you to create a personal database of references and generate in-text citations and bibliographies in a variety of styles.

In the RefWorks workshop you’ll get individual guidance on how to manage your citations. You’ll learn how to export and manage references with RefWorks while working with the central databases in you academic field. You’ll also learn how to use RefWorks and Microsoft Word to create in-text citations and bibliographies in various styles. With RefWorks, you can do all this with just a few clicks of a button, so that you’ll have more time to concentrate on your research.

Guides to methodology as research support

The course deals with how to find methodological literature in databases of various fields. Also, the praised SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) is introduced.

Research Merits

Create your own Researcher ID, get to know the Template for researchers curriculum vitae and learn to evaluate your own scientific activity with basic bibliometric tools.


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