Open science training sessions for researchers in spring 2019

Open Science

This course is designed as an introduction to Open Science and Research principles and practices for doctoral students and other research active members new to Open Science and Research. The course introduces principles, concepts, and new ways of doing research with the view that at every step the learning can be related to the research the learner is working on. The course is self-directed and can be completed at any time during the autumn or spring term. Course is recommended for first or second year of your study.

Open Access publishing

Basic information kit of open publishing: by what means can research results be made openly available? In this course we will go through the basics of self-archiving, sharing articles in various channels and publishing in open access journals.

The course gives the researcher the abilities to integrate self-archiving with his or her publishing activity. You will get the basic knowledge of what self-archiving is, what can be self-archived and how it is done. The course will also examine other ways of sharing research results, e.g. with the help of scientific social networks such as Research Gate, and Mendeley. What are they?  What does the researcher need to know about copyright matters when sharing articles in them?

Could you think of publishing your article preprint, i.e. the non-peer reviewed manuscript? The course will also consider how, and on what conditions, the different article versions can be published open access and what the differences are between fields of science.

How to choose your publication channel

Do you recognize the relevant publishing channels? How and with which tools can publishing channels be assessed? How can different types of publishing channels direct the researcher profiling? What do you want to communicate with your publications and to whom? This course deals with the researcher’s own publishing profile and suggests how to build it. We also ask how the researcher can take advantage of openness in his or her own publishing strategy. Various databases and tools are used to evaluate publishing channels. The course is aimed primarily at postgraduates and staff of human sciences, but it is also open to others.

Research Data Management

This course focuses on research data management in the dissertation and research processes. The aim is for participants to recognize existing open research materials in their own field, learn to manage their own data correctly during the research project, and find a suitable data storage for final archiving. In addition, the aim is to promote understanding in the importance of opening research data as part of Open Science and research policies. The course utilizes both general data management plans as well as field specific plans. This course supports researchers in making the data management plans required by publishers and research funders.


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