The Foundations’ Post Doc Pool's spring application round

The Foundations’ Post Doc Pool's spring application round is open from 15 Dec 2017 until 15 Jan 2018

Säätiöiden post doc -pooli (“the Foundations’ Post Doc Pool”) is a grant resource set up by Finnish foundations, all members of the Council of Finnish Foundations, and intended for post-doctoral research abroad.

The Pool’s aim is to make Finnish research more international by offering young scholars flexible funding from one source that covers all expenses of a research period abroad for at least one academic year.

Säätiöiden post doc -pooli has two application rounds per year. The spring application round takes place in December-January and the autumn application round in August-September. Results of the current application round will be published in March or April 2018.

The pool grants are intended only for sending researchers abroad from Finland. The pool grants are not intended for subsidizing researchers’ mobility from other countries to Finland.

More information:

  • The Foundations’ Post Doc Pool
  • JYU
    • Research Funding Advisor Leena Sivula, leena.sivula@jyu.fi, p. 040 805 5116