Publishing the dissertation

Publishing a dissertation

Dissertations can be published, for example, in

  • university research series JYU Dissertations
  • departmental research series
  • other scientific publication series
  • through a commercial publisher
  • as an online publication
  • as an author’s edition
  • as a handout

Publishing in the University research series JYU Dissertations

Publishing in the University research series is coordinated by the Publishing Unit of the Open Science Centre. Dissertations are published electronically on the University JYX digital archive.

Publishing in a Jyväskylä University research series is free of charge for the doctoral candidate. This includes the online publishing and three printed copies for the public defence. The material should prepared using the dissertation template. The Publishing Unit will answer questions related to dissertation layout and use of the template. Moreover, the Publishing Unit finalises the dissertation for publication.

Publication Unit's guidelines: Publishing Your Dissertation

Parallel publishing of the articles included in the dissertation

The University of Jyväskylä requires open self archiving (i.e. parallel publishing) of articles authored by the researchers of JYU. Therefore, doctoral students as well must have a permission from the publishers to include their articles (published and accepted) in both the electronically published and the possible printed versions of the dissertation.

More information about parallel publishing of articles (e.g. templates for asking permission for parallel publishing) is available at University’s open science website. You can also contact the Publishing Unit.

It is recommended that doctoral students submit the final draft versions of their articles to the Publishing Unit when submitting their publications to TUTKA, in which case the permissions for parallel publishing are already confirmed when it is time to publish the dissertation.