Practical information for a grant researcher

The main forms of funding for full-time doctoral students are a research grant and an employment relationship with the university. Doctoral studies can also be pursued on a part-time basis while simultaneously working outside of the University. Due to statutory restrictions, the recipients of research grants or scholarships may not simultaneously be employed in any organisation, including universities. Therefore, grant researchers are in a different position compared to the members of staff with respect to some practical matters. Below are brief listings of some practical matters relevant for grant researchers. More instructions are available in the International Student GuidePlease note that the International Student Guide is mainly targeted for bachelor and master students and is not fully compatible with the practices applied to doctoral students.

JYU Guidelines for foundation funding

Email groups for grant researchers in Korppi

Grant researchers can join the jy-staff email list by joining the email groups for grant researchers in Korppi.

Agreement on Conducting Research using the University's Premises and Equipment (a grant researchers' contract)

Agreement made by and between a person conducting research on a scholarship, as a visiting researcher or otherwise without an employment relationship with the University of Jyväskylä and a unit of the University of Jyväskylä on conducting research using the University’s premises and equipment and on the rights and responsibilities related to research.

To make an agreement please contact the University Services staff for faculties, departments and independent institutes. The form for the contract is available in the Uno portal.

Recording information about a personal grant in University's research information system

Grants applied from University of Jyväskylä (e.g. for finishing doctoral thesis or for mobility) are not recorded into research information system Converis.

Only applications and funding decisions of external funding are recorded into Converis. This includes personal grants from funder outside Univeristy of Jyväskylä. External funding means funding outside JyU.

Grant researcher’s ID card

Grant researcher’s ID card is granted to researcher who works in the premises of the University of Jyväskylä and who has made an agreement for carrying out research using the facilities and equipment of the University of Jyväskylä.

The ID card entitles to staff-price lunches in the Sonaatti cafeterias at the University and to the University Sports offering in accordance with the price list. The card also works as a library card in the University Library after it has been activated in the library.

The university services staff of the faculty or independent institute gives the ID card to the researcher for the durance of a grant or agreement period. The researcher returns the card at the end of the grant or agreement period. If the agreement period is continued, researcher will get a new card from the university cervices.

Research rooms

Jyväskylä University has research rooms in the Main Library and Mattilanniemi Library. Research rooms are assigned for one academic year at a time primarily to researchers working at Jyväskylä University. Priority is given to researchers working on a dissertation or a Licentiate’s thesis. The application period for the use of these research rooms is once a year, at the end of May.

Pension insurance and occupational accident insurance for grant recipients

A grant recipient living in Finland, having obtained a Finnish research grant for research undertaken in Finland during at least four months, must take a pension and occupational accident insuranceThe Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) handles the statutory earnings-related pension and occupational accident insurance of Finnish farmers, and of those receiving a grant or a scholarship from Finland.

Grant researcher's scientific activities and copyrights

Doctoral students must record their publications, presentations and other scientific activities in Tutka. The publications must be recorded by doctoral students who have signed an agreement on conducting research using the University's premises and equipment with the university and whose affiliation in publications is University of Jyväskylä. Publications are recorded to TUTKA by the University Library. The departmental main user will give you a TUTKA ID and password.

The Act on the Right in Inventions Made at Higher Education Institutions (2006/369) does not apply to grant researchers. In other words, grant researchers have immaterial rights to the results they have independently produced, if not otherwise agreed.

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers' guide for grant researchers 

More about the room, equipment and services

  • Equipment and services: The equipment and services available to grant researchers (computer, printing and copying, network ID and password, IT support, phone, office supplies, mailing, laboratory facilities, etc.) are agreed upon in their grant researchers’ contracts.
  • Health care: Grant researchers can use the municipal health services of their place of residence, as the University’s occupational health services are intended only for staff. Doctoral students are not entitled to use the student health services of FSHS (YTHS) either.
  • Mailing lists: Doctoral students registered for attendance are automatically added to the ‘jy-postgraduates’ mailing list. Grant researchers can get the University's internal info messages and bulletins by joining the faculty's email group in Korppi (see above). Other important mailing lists include the lists of the subject/department/faculty and the list of the Methodology Centre for Human Sciences (IHME). Career Services uses International degree student IDS-list to inform international students about  working life studies and other matters related to working life and job search. University communications are available in Uno Staff Portal.
  • Office room: The details related to supervision and research in the unit’s premises are specified in grant researchers’ contracts. The head of department provides a workstation if the grant includes an overhead cost increment. Otherwise the possibility to obtain an office depends on the unit and personnel situation. Doctoral students and researchers can also apply for a research room at the Jyväskylä University Library, in which they will have to use their own computers.
  • University network user account: User account enables accessing University’s electronic systems. Graduates from the University of Jyväskylä continue to use their former network ID.
  • University Sports: Postgraduate students currently registered for attendance have the right to participate in the supervised and unsupervised exercise sessions and courses provided by University Sports. The right to participate can be verified with the student card, with a registration certificate (free from Admission and Student Services) or with a grant researcher's ID card.