Attendance registration of doctoral students and supervision document

Attendance registration

Each student pursuing a doctoral (or licentiate) degree at JYU must formally register for attendance or non-attendance for each academic year. Only students who have registered for attendance are allowed to participate in instruction, are entitled to supervision and can complete study units, credits and doctoral degrees. If a student does not intend to pursue studies or carry out dissertation research during the academic year, he/she may register for non-attendance.

Doctoral students continuing their studies must register between 2 May and 31 July. Registration takes place in the OILI service (select language from top of the page). Log in to the OILI service with your JYU user ID.

Students not registered for attendance or non-attendance by the given date will lose their right to study. When a student loses his/her right to study, his/her user ID to the University’s IT network expires, unless there is another reason for keeping the user ID valid (e.g. for staff members). If a doctoral student wishes to continue his/her studies later, the student must pay a re-entry fee.

Registration guidelines

Registration certificate, Student Union membership fee and postgraduate student card

As a doctoral student you may, if you wish, do the following:

  • Request a free registration certificate in Finnish or English from Admission and Student Services.
  • Join the Student Union by paying the Student Union membership fee. 
  • Apply for a PhD student card. 

More information about Student Union membership fee and a postgraduate student card

Supervision document

Supervision document describes a collaboratively created plan for the supervision and completion schedule of the doctoral dissertation or licentiate thesis. Supervision document is supplemented by appendixes that describe the duties of doctoral students, supervisors and follow-up group and the dissertation requirements.

The purpose of supervision document is to bring clarity to the responsibilities related to the supervision of postgraduate students and to promote the completion of postgraduate studies. Supervision document and its appendices together with a research plan, postgraduate study plan and funding plan form the documentation of the supervision of dissertation or licentiate thesis. The documentation is updated and the supervisory practices revised during the postgraduate studies when necessary.

In August 2018, supervision documents in Korppi will be replaced with a new supervision document service. Supervision documents will be registered or updated in the new service after the attendance registration.

Deactivation of postgraduate students' study rights

According to the Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä a postgraduate student shall register for attendance or non-attendance every academic year in the manner decreed by the University in order to retain the study right.

In addition, the dean may decide on the deactivation of the study right. In such a case, the student has no possibility to register for attendance. If a postgraduate student whose study right has been deactivated wants to continue his/her studies later, the student must provide his/her supervisor with a legitimate and scheduled study plan for the continuation of postgraduate studies and fill in or update the supervision document. After the supervisor has approved the supervision document, the dean decides on the student’s right to register for attendance and continue the studies.

Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä