Supervision document for doctoral students

The supervision document clarifies the responsibilities related to the supervision of doctoral dissertations and thus promotes the completion of doctoral studies.

In the supervision document, the doctoral student and his/her supervisors register a cooperatively created plan for the supervision and completion schedule of the doctoral dissertation (or licentiate thesis).

Together with the research plan, doctoral study plan, and financing plan, this document and its appendices form the documentation of the doctoral student’s supervision.

Log in to the supervision document service with your JYU user ID

Supervision documents are confirmed for one academic year at a time. Once the supervision document is confirmed, it is valid until 31 July. A supervision document for the next academic year can be registered on 1 August at the earliest. Doctoral students registered for attendance will be reminded by email to register a supervision document.

  • New doctoral students can register a supervision document after they have accepted the study place and registered for attendance, and have been granted the JYU user ID.
  • Continuing doctoral students register a supervision document annually at the beginning of a new academic year.
  • All doctoral students can update their supervision documents when necessary.